The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

tidy is one of the leading trading companies in Iran that offers the best raw materials needed to a wide range of industries. The company aims to raise the quality level and meet the needs of manufacturers with an approach to increasing growth in line with the latest standards and technologies in the world.

With its team of experts in chemicals, polymer, food, … and with years of experience in trading with neighboring countries such as Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan … Has managed to become one of the pioneers of this profession.

The two main strategies of Tidy are quality control and customer orientation. We strive to provide expert advice to our clients by providing accurate and specialized advice, taking into account global and local market information, developing mutually beneficial opportunities for clients.

With the help of God the Almighty and the support of the skills of our expert team as well as the loyalty of our dear customers, we hope to expand into new markets such as India, Africa, Europe and America in the very near future.

Our greatest pride is in gaining the trust of our customers and suppliers, which is the biggest asset to the tidy team.