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We are experts in wax!
Established for supplying various types of Paraffin Wax to clients all over the world, Tidy works with you to bring you a product that fits your application like a glove. Tidy has become a leading Paraffin Wax supplier after several years business development and penetration to different markets such as Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
We strive to make you satisfied with Tidy’s high quality wax and on-time delivery based on our years of experience in the international wax business. Tidy has an ongoing commitment with its customers to provide quality products and services, which it will supply quickly, efficiently and safely, meeting all needs under optimum conditions.
We are honored to serve different industries like cosmetics, inks, paint & coatings, rubber & tire, paper & packaging, textiles as well as road construction, candles and many others industries in more than 20 countries. Our main competitive advantage is that we are able to supply according to the requested specifications on behalf of our clients even in low quantity.