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Tidy is one of the largest exporter in the field of petroleum products in Iran and handles various type of packing depend on your order and company is an association of skilled experts by using update methods

Why Tidy?


We can supply according to our customer’s required specifications in different packages.

On-Time Delivery

We have incredibly efficient supply chain and logistics processes to deliver the orders on time.

Competitive Price

We are able to establish a selling price that is unable to be replicated by other companies.


we strive to make you satisfied with Tidy’s high quality chemical raw materials and on-time delivery based on our years of experience in the international chemical raw materials business. Tidy has an ongoing commitment with its customers to provide quality products and services, which it will supply quickly, efficiently and safely, meeting all needs under optimum conditions.
we are honored to serve different industries like water and wastewater treatment, detergents, cosmetics, polymer industry, oil and gas industry & drilling, inks, paint & coatings & resin, rubber & tire, paper & packaging, textiles as well as road construction & construction, candles and many others industries in more than 20 countries.
our main competitive advantage is that we are able to supply according to the requested specifications on behalf of our clients even in low quantity.