88190269 - 88191753

This product is a liquid and anionic surfactant with excellent foam, regardless of water hardness and low irritating properties for the skin in mild cleansing in children’s products. It is also used as an additive, cleaning agent in textiles, agriculture, as well as as a foaming and wetting agent in oil fields and foaming agent in shampoos and bath gels.

English Name. SLES 70%
Farsi Name سدیم لوریل اتر ( ۲ مول) سولفات
Chemical Formula CH۳-( CH۲)n-(OCH۲)m-OSO۳-Na n= 11-13 m= 2


Washing clothes

The cause of fat loss


body shampoo

Facial cleanser

Plaster additive

The process of creating moisture in the textile

Used in oil and gas recovery process

Gas industry

Drilling additives

Printing and dyeing industries

Leather industry

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