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Texapone is a proprietary blend of shellfish that has the properties of a dispersing, creaming, moisturizing agent. It is also compatible with other surfactants such as nonionic, anionic and amphoteric.

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This product is an anionic surfactant with excellent foam regardless of water hardness and low irritating properties to the skin in mild cleansing in baby products. Also this product as an additive

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Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is anionic surfactant with strong detergency and compatibility with a wide range of anionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants. This product is usable in acidic environments.

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Other trade names: Javelin Water, Sodium Hypochlorite, Vitex, Sodium Chloride Oxide, Sodium Oxide Chloride Standard Grade: Industrial (ISIRI 2361)

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Other trade names: Perchlorine, Calcium Hypochlorite Standard Grade: Industrial (3352) and used in water treatment for human consumption (7098)

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Other trade names: Chlorine gas, Molecular chlorine, Chloride Physical specifications: Green gas is yellowish and has a strong odor and low solubility in water.

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